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one of a million things wrong with the world

one of a million things wrong with the world

I’m going crazy in Logansport. I’m away from all my friends, and I have no friends here. My boss treats us like shit, and the job isn’t even getting my bills paid. I’m constantly job hunting, but no luck. Fuck being an adult.

when the bae doesn’t text you back

when the bae doesn’t text you back

Letting Go of the Need to be Right

I recently came across a list of 15 concepts one should embrace in order to find true happiness. This concept stood out to me the most because who doesn’t want to be right, right? I meditated over this concept for a day, and on the following day, I ironically found myself in a situation where I desperately wanted to be right. The woman I work for (not for long God willing) had accused me of washing dishes at a “leisurely” pace. However, when she demonstrated her superior method of dish washing, I noticed she barely scrubbed her dishes at all. A bit aggravated, I tried to speed up my own method. Soon after, as I was putting away the dishes, I saw several of the ones she washed still had food on them. It was pretty gross actually considering she is the owner of a restaurant. I wanted to show her the dishes she washed so I could be right, but then what after? Satisfaction? Good for me. What’s even funnier than this unenlightened desire to be right all the time is that we think our input is really what it takes for someone to learn a lesson. In all reality, an important lesson will be grasped eventually if it is valid. It’s part of something called the Law of a Progress which states that our souls only GAIN understanding as they age. As always, thanks for reading, guys! Love you! Shoot me a reblog.

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Girls who adjust their boobs before they take pics, you’re the first to go when I take over the world.